Bright Defeat Teconnaught in Intermediate Playoff

Bright needed to step up their game on Sunday to avoid relegation back into the Junior Championship, after working so hard to gain promotion last year.

Jack Mc Laughlin and Cailean Toner got the underdogs off to a flying start and a goal from John Mcleigh in the 8th minute allowed Bright to seemingly draw clear of Teconnaught with a scoreline of 1:05 to 0:01. However, Teconnaught’s men who were caught off-guard early on, fought back with unanswered scores and kept Bright’s attack on hold for dying minutes of the first half. The half time whistle couldn’t come soon enough for Bright and when it finally did, Teconnaught lead by a point at 1:8 to 1:7 and seemed to be in full control of the game.

At the start of the second period, the tables turned again. Several fantastic saves from Pearse McCarthy boosted Bright’s moral and lead to a resurgence that earned them a hard-fought lead. Points from Mark Burke, Owen McEvoy, Ryan Tempany and several more from Jack McLaughlin put the Green and Gold jersey’s back in the driving seat, bringing the scoreline to 1:14 to 1:10 in Brights favour. Teconnaught did fight back and score some impressive long-range points but each one was answered almost immediately by Bright’s Jack Mc Laughlin and Gareth George. A final score of 1:18 to 1:14 reflected a fantastic game of football with superb accuracy from both sides. Bright can now breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy a second year in the Intermediate Championships.

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